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Fibre optic - ZERO TENSION
Communication ducts
Copper cables
High voltage cables up to 132kV
Electrical ducts
HDPE up to 280mm at present
Water & Sewerage

HDPE up to 280mm at present
Multiple cables, ducts
and warning tape

Trench-less technology means combing the use of a cable or pipe plough over open ground, under roads, rails or rivers where open cutting or ploughing would not be possible.

The benefits of underground cabling have long been recognised, conventional plough systems are often unable to overcome landscape obstacles in a cost-effective manner. With specialist ploughing technology Josef Schnell Cable Plough gives you all the benefits of underground cabling.
Minimal need for site prep work for faster installation. Landscape characteristics are easily accommodated. There's minimal impact on surrounding vegetation, extreme terrain poses no threat of damage to cable. Plough is possible in most conditions including clay, sand, swamp,  gravel, mud, snow and water. Specially designed insertion technique protects cables and pipes. Traffic control needs are minimal and can save up to 40% in laying costs.
Cost of sand eliminated: The laying sword is pulled through the ground under enormous pressure - separating and laterally compacting the earth. Fines trickle down and settle naturally around the pipe or cable. Possibility of damage to pipe or cable eliminated as downward pressure is deflected sideways due to lateral compaction.
The Josef Schnell Cable Plough  FSP 17/18 plough makes open trenching a costly process of the past. Open trenching is old technology.
The Josef Schnell Cable Plough Fact Sheet :
Proven system in harshest worldwide conditions, environmentally friendly, Lays up to 10 pipes or cables, works in narrow corridors of 3 metres, installs pipe / cables up to 2.0  metres deep, can lay at speeds of up to 800 m per Day incl. Reinstatement: Installation system protects pipes and cables, lays flexible pipes of up to 280mm OD (gas, water, sewer etc) - Cost of sand bedding eliminated. Rapid mobilisation between projects, adapts to most all terrain, lays telecommunication cable at zero tension Gas industry approved. Set laying rates. Expert crews included

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Josef Schnell GmbH is a business with over 50 years experience in trenchless cable and pipeline laying services. Josef Schnell senior worked for over 30 years to perfect the art of cable and pipeline laying by means of trench-less technology. The object being to reduce to an absolute minimum, the effects on the environment caused by the scarring of the route, traditional with open cut methods.

Trench-less technology means combing the use of a cable or pipe plough over open ground, along with directional drilling under roads, rails or rivers were open cutting or ploughing would not be possible.A typical application would be the laying of 33kv trefoil cable plus a copper earth, up to 4 No 40mm ducts for fibre optic control or telecoms cables plus two 50mm standard yellow marker tapes. These are laid in one pass down to a depth of 2 metres and experience has shown that there is no requirement for sanding the cables because the fines in the soil are the first layer around the cables. This results in considerable cost saving and at an average laying rate of 800 – 1000 metres per day the site times and need for long possessions and fencing off areas are eliminated. Because no sub soil is brought to the surface re-instatement of the plough run is completed quickly and the natural seed bed in grasslands or SSSI sites recover quicker. Waste disposal licences are not required as no soil displacement is created or required to be removed from site. No need to removed livestock from fields prior to ploughing. For high voltage cables, three 160mm ducts can be laid in trefoil pattern in one continuous run allowing joint bays to be placed at intervals dictated by cable length on drum.All our operatives are full time employees of Josef Schnell and are fully conversant with Health and Safety requirements of operating within the UK, together with a strictly adhered to environmental policy. Josef Schnell has the answer to your utility installation problems, be they electric, gas or water.