Cable pipeline laying underground services by means of trench-less technology excavation installation power subsea engineering uk crushing under roads rails rivers where open cutting or spider ploughing would not be possible. Trenching cablelaying, rock trenching, mole and spider plough, special trailers. Fibre winch, trench cutting work. Trenchers for rock and soil.
Vibration wheel ploughs, Spider plough. Dozer ploughs, rocksaws, ground t
rack type vibration plough. Spider plough pipeline trenching, trenchless cable laying technology
Mole ploughing, highway trenching, ground ducts pipe drains cable laying. Trencher hire, water,gas, telecoms, utilities construction. Environmentally friendly excavation.
Cable and pipeline underground laying services by means of technology for ground water, gas and electricity.


Fibre optic - ZERO TENSION
Communication ducts
Copper cables
High voltage cables up to 132kV
Electrical ducts
HDPE up to 315mm at present
Water & Sewerage

HDPE up to 350mm at present
Multiple cables, ducts
and warning tape
 Josef Schnell GmbH.
          For over 50 years one of Europes leading companies in the use of trenchless technology for the laying
of telecoms, electricity, gas and water projects throughout Europe, the American states and now,
heavily involved in the reconstruction of utilities in the Eastern block formerly Russian territory.

Using a combination of all the above the Josef Schnell Pipe and Cable team have spent the
past six years in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland, some of the toughest terrain in the UK,
demonstrating  that trenchless technology is the way to bring project in before time and with
savings that could never be achieved by open cutting with all the environmental damage that it causes. 

Contact details :

Theo Saathoff
Tel. : 0049 72 23 / 51 10 - 0
Mobil: 0049-173 / 32 69 090

mail : TheoSaathoff@josefschnell.de

Saathoff Theo
UK and Germany



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Cost Savings 
You know how conventional trenching cuts costs are so hard to improve. Labour costs rise each year and capital equipment rarely gets less expensive. The added complication of tricky terrain increases the financial headaches. Our technology and expertise means we can work faster and more efficiently in almost any circumstance. Challenge us to save you at least 20% on your existing open trenching costs.

How it Works.
 The Josef Schnell plough systems use a separate winch unit and plough. The plough is pulled through the ground making a thin cut whilst laying the cables or pipes in a perfectly-formed tunnel underground. The ground closes in naturally with reinstatement. In effect, we 'unzip' the ground, lay the cables or pipes and 'zip' it up again. The result of thousands of hours of practical development, it really is that simple.
Water pipes of up to 280mm diameter can be laid. Where useful, three water pipes of up to 160mm diameter simultaneously and to depths of up to 2,0 metres.
Also multiple 11kV cables simultaneously.

Green Issues
 All businesses are more affected by environmental issues every year. Every business has to take 'green' issues seriously.
Our techniques avoid potential soil contamination during open trenching and significantly reduce times on site. Make use of environmentally preferable routes which are difficult or impossible with conventional techniques.

Quote by Rachel Remnant of The Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust:-
"The plough work of the cabling at Bartley Heath was a great methodology in terms of the speedy deployment.
It only took a day, which drastically reduced the amount of time I would have needed to spend supervising the work had it been trenched.
As a heath land site, which is low in nutrients, plant life will take some time to recover and carpet back over turned earth. The plough incision caused minimal disturbance and plant cover is recovering well. Route followed a main thoroughfare for walkers (to limit disturbance over the rest of the wildlife area) We wanted to limit the amount of disturbance caused by the cabling. The mole-ploughing sections are obvious by the reduced soil disturbance, compared to the junction boxes which involved trenching. The trenching has left areas of boggy mud where the land was previously wet, but vegetated. The ploughing, in comparison, has been less damaging to the soil and underlying geology, therefore reduced waterlogging by limiting damage to the underlying geology and overlying vegetation.

Service and Support
We provide a complete cable and pipe-laying Team incl. all Equipment and Supervisors.
You provide the problem for us to solve.
Josef Schnell will provide you with full Service.
You're in safe and reliable hands with Josef Schnell
No technique is completely disturbance or hazard-free
Josef Schnell is as close as you'll get.
Talk to us and find out more.